What happens in Vegas… gets posted on the blog!


LANDesk Interchange ’14 was an absolute blast! Your loyal Spoon team trekked down to Las Vegas a few weeks ago to proudly represent LANDesk’s suite of virtualization products. We shared some hot new features, met other awesome LANDesk partners, and lost way too much money. (Seriously, those craps machines are totally rigged.)


On Tuesday, we were pretty excited to arrive at MGM Skylofts after a long morning of travel. The suite was incredible, and we immediately decided that we would have to throw a party.


Soon after settling in, we left to give our first Interchange presentation: “5 Powerful Reasons to Virtualize Your Apps Now.” Program Manager Victor Churchill led the talk and displayed a few exciting new pieces of Spoon technology. We demonstrated how Spoon can ensure legacy software continuity, guard against Java vulnerabilities, easily package and deploy software, help create sensible BYOD policies, and dramatically simplify QA testing. Kenji, our CEO, had fun with his Q&A session at the end, and we were happy to introduce so many people to Spoon’s capabilities.


After attending a few talks and enjoying an excellent dinner, we took a team outing to Penn & Teller, a Vegas classic.

Penn & Teller

Although we all loved the performance, Colin from our business development team had a special experience – near the end of the program, Penn Jillette called Colin onstage to assist in one of their final tricks! No pictures were allowed, but we have the tweet to prove it!


The next day, we met even more exciting LANDesk partners, and we were able to take some time to explore the strip.


That night, we had a company party in our loft with fellow conference attendees. After a few drinks and a lot of laughs, we hit the casinos for a fun evening of blackjack, craps, and roulette.

On Thursday, our last full day in Vegas, we gave another Spoon presentation, had a delicious team dinner, attended the Criss Angel magic show, and even played in a late-night poker tournament! Colin and Victor performed admirably, but fell just short of the prize.


Understandably, the week was a bit tiring for Victor…


Despite all of the blackjacks that one dealer hit, we had a great time in Vegas at LANDesk Interchange ’14 – can’t wait for next year!



Run Selenium IDE directly from Spoonium

Selenium IDE now available on Spoonium

You can now run the Selenium IDE and launch tests on your Spoonium Grid directly from Spoonium.net.

To start testing from Selenium IDE, go to Spoonium.net and click the Selenium IDEs tab in the left sidebar. Then, click Selenium IDE to launch Selenium IDE online.

You’ll also find other popular development environments, including Eclipse and Sharp Develop. These environments come pre-configured with the latest Selenium language bindings, so that you can spend more time writing tests and less time configuring  dependencies.



Introducing Spoonium – an online Selenium Grid with unlimited hours and parallel tests

Spoonium home page

Well folks, we’re pretty excited over here. Over the past few years, literally trillions of customers have asked us how they can combine a sweet open-source testing tool called Selenium with our beloved Browser Sandbox.

And by golly, we finally did it. Today, we’re excited to introduce Spoonium, an online Selenium Grid with unlimited testing of Chrome, IE, and Firefox.

To be honest, we didn’t think it would be this cool, but it is. When building Spoonium, we looked at what’s out there today, and we saw four major problems:

  1. Limits on hours of use
  2. Limits on parallel tests
  3. Potential security issues when testing internal sites
  4. Performance and wait times

No bueno.

So, what does Spoonium offer?

  1. Unlimited hours of use
  2. Unlimited parallel tests
  3. Secure virtual containers that directly access local resources
  4. High-performance test execution with no waiting in test queues

And it’s totally free while in beta! Go crazy and test as much as you’d like. Send your feedback to support@spoonium.net and share Spoonium on Twitter to win a free Spoon t-shirt.



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Spoon Florida Hackathon 2014

Network World reviews Spoon’s Browser Studio

“Spoon’s Browser Studio takes secure browsing in a somewhat different direction. The idea is to virtualize the browser for your own particular needs and free the various other Web components from being installed on your general desktop… Basically, you assemble the browser that you wish to use from various components: you begin with a code base using Chrome, Firefox, or IE. Then you add various plug-ins such as Java, Flash or Acrobat and other helper apps and when you are done, publish that version to your cloud account.

“This means that once you go through this process, you don’t have to install (or can eliminate) Java or Flash on your desktop if you don’t need it outside of the browsing experience. Another plus is that Spoon does not require administrative privileges on the desktop, so browsers can be used in locked-down desktop environments… The upside is that you can assemble exactly the right set of components that you can distribute to your enterprise and have complete control over them.

New Web Design for Your Spoon Account!

Log in at Spoon.net to check it out!

Like the change? Love it? Have a suggestion? We’re always improving our designs, so let us know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook.

Spoon Web Shell

TechTarget Features Spoon’s Browser Studio

 “The best part about Browser Studio, though, is that it does all the packaging for you and streams down the completed build from Spoon’s site. That takes all the work out of assembling not just the package but the platform from which the package is delivered…

“And, on top of all that, you no longer have gaping security holes all over your organization. There’s no excuse anymore for running old, insecure OSes just to support old browsers.”

Try Browser Studio for yourself

Spoon.net Featured in Mashable

13 Essential Tools to Check Cross-Browser Compatibility

Just log in, install a small plugin, select the browser you want to test and it will launch instantly. Because Spoon.net runs the applications in isolated “sandboxes,” you can run multiple applications side-by-side without any conflicts or dependencies.

Run Java applications without installing Java

A recent report by Cisco found that 91% of desktop exploits were related to Java vulnerabilities. Installing Java on the desktop is a nuisance for users and administrators as well as a major security risk. But Java applications are still common and useful. What’s a user (or IT manager) to do?

Stop installing Java!

Build preconfigured versions of IE, Chrome, or Firefox with Browser Studio and embed Java within the browser.

These browsers work on any Windows operating system, and Java-dependent web apps will run exactly as if you had Java installed on your host desktop.


Read on to learn more about how Browser Studio works.

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