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Spoon Florida Hackathon 2014

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Network World reviews Spoon’s Browser Studio

“Spoon’s Browser Studio takes secure browsing in a somewhat different direction. The idea is to virtualize the browser for your own particular needs and free the various other Web components from being installed on your general desktop… Basically, you assemble the browser that you wish to use from various components: you begin with a code base using Chrome, Firefox, or IE. Then you add various plug-ins such as Java, Flash or Acrobat and other helper apps and when you are done, publish that version to your cloud account.

“This means that once you go through this process, you don’t have to install (or can eliminate) Java or Flash on your desktop if you don’t need it outside of the browsing experience. Another plus is that Spoon does not require administrative privileges on the desktop, so browsers can be used in locked-down desktop environments… The upside is that you can assemble exactly the right set of components that you can distribute to your enterprise and have complete control over them.

New Web Design for Your Spoon Account!

Log in at Spoon.net to check it out!

Like the change? Love it? Have a suggestion? We’re always improving our designs, so let us know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook.

Spoon Web Shell

TechTarget Features Spoon’s Browser Studio

 “The best part about Browser Studio, though, is that it does all the packaging for you and streams down the completed build from Spoon’s site. That takes all the work out of assembling not just the package but the platform from which the package is delivered…

“And, on top of all that, you no longer have gaping security holes all over your organization. There’s no excuse anymore for running old, insecure OSes just to support old browsers.”

Try Browser Studio for yourself

Spoon.net Featured in Mashable

13 Essential Tools to Check Cross-Browser Compatibility

Just log in, install a small plugin, select the browser you want to test and it will launch instantly. Because Spoon.net runs the applications in isolated “sandboxes,” you can run multiple applications side-by-side without any conflicts or dependencies.

Run Java applications without installing Java

A recent report by Cisco found that 91% of desktop exploits were related to Java vulnerabilities. Installing Java on the desktop is a nuisance for users and administrators as well as a major security risk. But Java applications are still common and useful. What’s a user (or IT manager) to do?

Stop installing Java!

Build preconfigured versions of IE, Chrome, or Firefox with Browser Studio and embed Java within the browser.

These browsers work on any Windows operating system, and Java-dependent web apps will run exactly as if you had Java installed on your host desktop.


Read on to learn more about how Browser Studio works.

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Run Internet Explorer 8 on any operating system with your choice of plugins

For businesses that don’t want to redevelop web applications during an OS migration, Spoon-virtualized browsers offer an excellent solution. Spoon browsers can run on any system regardless of Windows version, so businesses can upgrade their operating systems without losing the functionality of vital web browsers like Internet Explorer 8.

Now Spoon Browser Studio makes it even simpler to create and deploy a custom virtualized version of any browser, including legacy versions of Internet Explorer.

Read on to see how easy it is to build, run, and share your own customized IE8.

2014-03-03 20_18_47-Browser Studio - Build Complete

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Announcing Spoon Browser Studio!

We’re excited to reveal Browser Studio, the world’s first self-service tool for creating custom virtual browsers! In just a few minutes, Browser Studio can build and launch any version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox with runtimes and plugins embedded directly into the virtual environment. Users can add their favorite extensions, set their homepage, and save their browsers to their Spoon.net accounts.

Read on to see how it works or try it right now at browserstudio.com.

2014-03-03 14_42_05-Browser Studio - Run any version of any browser with any runtimes, plugins, or e

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Introducing the new Spoon Desktop!

We’re excited to announce a fresh, more usable Spoon for your desktop.

Along with a visual redesign, we’ve packed in some fantastic new features, including quicker access to legacy application versions and search that works for both your Spoon and local software.

2014-02-26 14_25_49-

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