Turbo Studio 16 is the new Spoon Studio!

Turbo Studio 16, the new version of Spoon Studio, is now available from the Turbo.net website. The latest version of Turbo Studio includes support for Windows 10, integration with the Turbo container interfaces, support for publishing applications to Turbo.net, and many other new features and improvements.

Windows 10 now supported by Spoon!

Spoon.net now supports Windows 10! In addition to standard desktop applications, Spoon Windows 10 supports includes the ability to run servers (SQL Server, IIS, Java servers) and legacy versions of Internet Explorer from IE6-IE11 on Windows 10. Spoon is now built on the Turbo.net VM, the next evolution in Spoon VM technology.

Spoon at Red Gate HQ Cambridge

Spoon founder and CEO Kenji Obata stopped by Red Gate headquarters in Cambridge, UK to give their team a preview of the upcoming Spoon SQL Sandbox. Red Gate is a leading developer of change management tools for SQL Server.

Spoon VM 11.8.665 released!

This patch update includes the following new features and improvements:: Support for virtual networking with IIS 8, SQL Server, and SQL Server Management Studio Support for isolation mechanisms used in Google Chrome 42 and forward versions on Windows 8 Compatibility fixes to support ASP.NET vNext images Bug fix for PowerShell on 64-bit Windows operating systems CI support for: JDK, JRE, Notepad++, VLC, VC Redistributable […]

Spoon at Interchange 2015

Spoon is pleased to have presented the latest on Windows desktop and server containerization at LANDesk Interchange 2015 in Las Vegas.

Native Spoon Chrome Extension now online!

Spoon is now available as a native Chrome Extension! The new extension is automatically used when Spoon.net is accessed from Chrome browsers. The extension is hosted in the Google Chrome Store. This replaces the previous NSAPI-based Chrome extension that was deprecated with Chrome 42.

Enabling the Spoon Plugin in Chrome 42

Starting with Google Chrome 42, the NPAPI plugin interface is disabled by default. Since the Spoon browser plugin currently uses NPAPI, this prevents the plugin from functioning. A Chrome-compatible update for the Spoon plugin is coming soon. In the meantime, you can use the following workaround to enable NPAPI plugins in the Chrome browser settings.

Spoon Plugin for Jenkins

It’s now even easier to integrate Spoon containers into your existing Jenkins-based continuous integration process. The new Spoon plugin for Jenkins allows Jenkins to automatically build Spoon images and push them to the Spoon.net Hub or local repository.

Virtualization Review: App Virtualization Key for Windows Server 2003 Migrations

Virtualization Review highlights Spoon as a solution for customers needing to upgrade applications following the end of Microsoft support for Windows 2003 on July 14, 2015. They suggest that Windows applications can be easily and smoothly moved over to a new operating environment without requiring changes to the applications themselves.

NEW: Continuous Integration on Spoon.net

Spoon.net is now continuously integrating popular web browsers, programming languages, servers, build tools, test frameworks, and other applications directly into the Spoon Hub!